Monday, September 15, 2008

I can finally share

I made a bunch of gifts to give to my secret sister at my scrap retreat this past weekend and now that she has them, I can finally share on the blog! I had fun altering some wood frames and wood blocks. First time for the wood blocks and the rounded edges were giving me fits. But I figured it out and I like how they turned out.

For this frame, I bought some crackle medium from my local craft store and used it between the orange and black paints layers. Turned out pretty cool.

This one I covered with blue jeans paper and added some little boy embellies.

These are the wood blocks. My hubbie cut them for me from a redwood 4x4 we had in the garage. Some of the edges are rounded and I had a hard time getting the edges to meet up. But I figured it out and they turned out okay!

One more, I bought this frame a Home Goods and turned it into a home accent by adding just a bit of paper and a few buttons! The opening in this frame is 8x10, so it's a good size.

I think she liked everything and we had a fantastic time on the retreat. I did accomplish some scrappy things and had lots of other fun, too!!! Now...I need to make more cards for the craft fair!


Joni (kix) said...

The frames are adorable, Mara! But I really love the idea of the photo cubes. What a great decorating idea!!!

BethieJ said...

Mara everything is sooo CUTE!! You did such a GREAT job!!!!

~Melissa~ said...

Hey Mara! Your projects look great! You have a lucky ss :)

Thought of you yesterday in the grocery store as I ran to get some snacks and things for the girls. I ended up remembering your swimming teddies and made those real quick - the girls loved them. They're in middle school, so they're never too old to get excited about cute cupcakes - thanks for sharing them!

Alecia said...

Sounds like FUN TIMES you had!! And love your projects!!