Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm in LOVE

With this book!!!!
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And I didn't think I would be. I think i'm a bit late to jump on the Edward and Bella bandwagon, but my girlfriend is a BIT obsessed with it and told me we couldn't be friends anymore unless I read it. I think she is secretly filing down her husband's incisors at night so he's more vampire-like, but that's another story. So I finally picked up the book and started reading. It's definitely a page turner and it doesn't hurt that Edward is the most gorgeous vampire to ever live. Seriously.
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Even my son asked me the other day when I was trying to sneak in a few pages while 'watching' him in the bath...MOM! What are you reading and why can't you stop it!!! Little does he know of the lure of books, the ability of books to pull you into the story and not let you go. Well, actually maybe he does know. Every morning when he gets up (early!!!) I find him reading a book in bed. And I can't get him to come downstairs for breakfast. So I think he knows.
Twilight Pictures, Images and Photos
I knew it was bad when I left my gym bag at home and grabbed my book to take to work. I usually workout during my lunch hour, but when I grabbed the book instead so I could sneak away and read for my lunch hour, I knew RIGHT THEN I was hooked.
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Now i'm on book 2...New Moon and I need to wrap up this post so I can go read. Because I really need to get to the gym tomorrow!!!
twilight Pictures, Images and Photos


Sarah said...

Okay okay you've convinced me, I need to read these when you're done! Pass them on this way. BTW i'm really proud of you sneaking out on your gym session :)

Joni (kix) said...

Hahaha!!! If you love Twilight (like I did) you'll really love reading the partial draft on Stephanie Meyer's blog of Midnight Sun (it's Twilight written from Edward's point of view). Also, don't miss the deleted scenes! I love the more in depth Prom chapter.

Joni (kix) said...

Oh, BTW, by the time you finish Breaking Dawn and are going into vampire withdrawl... I recommend Marked by PC Cast.

日月神教-向左使 said...