Saturday, June 30, 2007

Why I Scrap???

I love to take photos. I love to see my family having fun and to remember all 'the good times'. I love shopping for scrap supplies. I love being able to call my girlfriends and giggle about the new stuff we just bought. I love the beautiful people i've met through this hobby. I love having the scrap connection with my mom and sister. I love watching my kids look at their baby albums. And, I love being creative.

I am a scientist at heart, always loved biology, ecology, science, answering questions. And while that does take some sort of creativity, it's mainly science. Do the experiment...find out the another experiment. I've never considered myself creative. But scrapbooking is all about throwing that out the window and doing whatever the hell I want on my page. Any colors, any photos, any configuration. There's no protocol, no test to run, no procedure to follow. Just do it and see what happens. Wanna use blue, do it! Wanna use green, okay! Wanna use purple and orange and bright pink...well, maybe not. But if I wanted to I could!! I love that freedom. And I love this hobby.