Monday, August 27, 2007

My baby is all growns up!

Woah, I can't believe Kindergarten starts Wednesday. Where did the time go? It wasn't long ago that we brought little Kevin home from the hospital, he could cross his legs genie-style to sleep in his crib, and he would sleep all night. So mild-mannered, so loveable, such a happy fat giggly baby. He learned to walk on his tip-toes, and still does. He's still addicted to his blankie. He still loves to eat peanut butter + tofu for lunch. But he's a big kid now. Going off to school. It's pretty weird, strange, tough, exciting, emotional, wonderful. He is SO ready, he's already reading and writing and spelling. But he's going to love the other kids, the dynamic of school. He's just a kid that I can tell is going to do well in school, he will thrive on praise and being challenged, and just plain learning. We see that everyday in him. Wish him well, he'll be venturing off this Wednesday morning...and he will be fine. Don't know what to say about Mom & Dad, but Kevin will be just fine!!

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Captain Awesome said...

Hey, you'll be glad to know I put up some photos of the floor, and one of Sarah's ring. If you send me your email, I'll send a bunch more! (


Tricia said...

GREAT PICTURE!!! It's definitely hard to believe, especially when it's your baby Mara...just wait!