Friday, January 25, 2008

Cutest Little Dancer!

Just had to share this cute photo of my sweet baby girl. She was all ready for her first day of ballet class at a new dance studio. She was nervous and excited all at once!! We just got her those cute butterfly shoes, Airwalk skater shoes. So CUTE!! She's also wearing her cute Guess hoodie that her aunt bought her for Christmas. But you know I don't buy her Guess clothes!! She was just so ready to go, dance class is definitely HER thing. So, of course...a CUTE photo!

I think there are great things in her to come. She wears her emotions on her sleeve and that sometimes gets in the way of being able to express herself. Which leaves her and us frustrated! But I know she will learn to handle those emotions and hopefully she'll dream big in life. I have no idea what i'm rambling about right now. I just love her so much! Such a CUTIE!!!

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