Saturday, February 9, 2008

The fish were NOT biting!

We went fishing today at Lake Piru. It was awesome, except for the fact that we didn't catch diddly-squat!!! The kids got fishing gear for Christmas and they were SO excited. They dug up worms in our garden and were ready to go. Both kids got the hang of casting after a few lessons from dad. I was AMAZED how patient they both were. We spent all morning there. The lake wasn't that pretty, lots of debris from the recent storms and the water level was low. But we had a fantastic time!!!!


michelle said...

great pic.. love the one of them in the chair!

Tam, I am said...

What an incredibly fun day!!! Your pictures are great and I am sure that the next time you go, both of the kids will catch a fish!

Joni M said...

No fish, but great photos!!! Looks like you were the only ones there.

BethieJ said...

Oh Mara I LOVE those photos!! What a FUN day that must have been (I dont fish, but I would go for the photos! LOL!!)
Have a GREAT day!!!!