Monday, November 17, 2008

Yes, another sick day.

Okay...i'm officially sick of being sick. I've been sick for 2 weeks and it really bites. Thought I was kicking it last week but it came back Friday with a vengence. It was hot and windy all weekend and that didn't help my throat. Two soccer games, a soccer party and running errands Saturday left me pooped!! Then a birthday party yesterday (which in it's defense was pretty darn fun AND they had a cooler of beer for the adults...double score!! beer and sudafed...well, you know what I mean) left me spent! No sleep due to coughing and sore throat just zaps the energy out of me. And nobody at work (especially your office mate) wants you sitting at work coughing up a lung all day. So...home is where I am. Thanks for listening to me bitch about it.

I've been working on lots of Christmas goodies lately. Gifts and cards and all sorts of stuff. Already ordered our Christmas cards (Thanks Tiffany!!) from a really cool site called Pear Tree Greetings. You can get recycled photo cards and also recycled envelopes. You gotta love that, plus they have some really cute card designs. Check it out if you are making photo cards this year.

And Jennifer McGuire posted a video of her scrap room on her blog. You must go check it out and then i'll let you know when she is letting me move in. Hee Hee!! Just an amazing space, how fun does that look!!! My scrappy friend Beth got me hooked on her blog and now it's one that I check every day. Love all her stamping techniques and cards she creates. When I grow up, I want to make cards just like her.

That's about it for today! Just waiting for the cold medicine to kick in so I can go nap. Hope you're all having a great Monday!! I'll leave you with some pics of my kids on their scooters, man they LOVE those things!! They also love to ride together on one scooter...and I wonder where my grey hair is coming from???


Sarah said...

What a FANTASTIC pic of K&K!! You are quite the photog!!

BethieJ said...

I LOVE that photo of them on the scooter! Cant wait to see them scrapped... and um where is a cupcake photo! Ok I will let you get WELL first! SORRY your still not feeling so great!!
Oh I LOVE Jennifers blog.. hey at least that was a free place I hooked ya up to! (except for when she ENABLES me to shop! HA HA!)
Feel better Mara!!
Happy Wednesday!

Michon said...

Great pics! Thanks for the link to JM!

Joni M said...

Awww, Mara... I hope you're feeling better by now. You gotta get well and training so we can run that half-marathon! Really cute photos of the kiddos. TFS!