Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Friday Favorites!!!

Happy 3rd of July everyone! Our little town celebrates today with fireworks. So i'm heading over to my neighbors soon for food and friends and homebrew. So this post will be short and sweet!!

Here are my 5 favorite things growing in my garden right now:

1. Zucchini!! These plants are enormous and taking over everything and are pumping out tons of zucchini. I have a new recipe for chocolate zucchini bread i'm dying to try!!

2. Watermelon. I have a feeling this will be taking over the garden soon, too. We haven't had much luck with watermelon, but these plants are growing great so we'll have to see!

3. Tomatoes. We are finally getting green ones and I can't wait for them to turn red. My hubbie makes the best salsa.

4. Cucumbers. They are not growing too fast, being dwarfed by the zucchini. But I have a feeling their time will come!

5. Not my daughter...but her sunflower! She planted this from a seed in kindergarden and we transplanted it into our garden. And I swear it grows an inch each day. It's already taller than she is!

We are off to celebrate. Hope you have a great 4th of July celebration with your friends and family. Thanks for stopping by!!


lacylegend said...

luv your gigantic plants. the sunflower is
not to be believed. hope all are having a huge
paaaarrtttyy..... luv to all.

Joni M said...

You've been busy with the posts this past week! I love your five photos! I want to see another sunflower photo after it blooms! I missed the friday-5 this week... we've were so tired when we got home! Our philosophy is enjoy the vacation to the MAX; sleep can wait until we get home, LOL!
I love the card and layouts!
I hope you and your family enjoyed your 4th celebration!