Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to School!!!

Today was the big day...1st day of school!

Kevin was so excited, could not wait. Kayla was very nervous and apprehensive. But they both did well at drop off and Kayla loves her new teacher. YEAH! We were on the fence about her but she seems to really like her already. So double yeah!! Here they are...going off to school!

Kayla actually gets her OWN desk this year and that is very exciting!

Kevin has already scouted out the BEST books in his classroom library and hidden them in his desk so nobody else can sneak them away to read them. Hee hee!! I hope the 2nd day is also a big success.

Saturday we went to a back to school pool party and the kids and I made these little cuties...teddy bear pool party cupcakes!

The kids put together the ring and the teddies and then topped them onto the frosting.

Don't worry, that one teddy to the left survived being strangled by his floatie tube, hee hee!! Hope you all had a great weekend and Happy Monday!!


Rachel Carlson said...

yummy looking cupcakes. i ♥ cupcakes!

Melissa said...

Glad that your kids are happy to be back at school! We are looking forward to preschool starting next week!

Your cupcakes are so cute!

IamDerby said...

What beautiful kids!! And adorable cupcakes... I might have to make some of those.

B said...

Oh what yummy cupcakes!

Joni M said...

Gotta love it when the kids are excited to go to school! I hope it lasts until June!
I adore your cupcakes! TFS!

BethieJ said...

Oh happy back to school Kevin and Kayla!!!! Hope you have a GREAT year! I LOVE the cupcakes Mara oh sooo CUTE!!!!

Lisa said...

LOL! Glad to know the teddy survived...I was afraid I was going to have to volunteer to eat him! LOL!

Glad your kiddos are enjoying the beginning of another school year. You have 2 cutie pies for sure.

BTW, love the "cheers" pic of you on your side bar. I have no idea if it's new...since I've not been able to make my usual rounds. But it is an awesome pic, none the less. And you did save one of those yummy looking drinks for me, right???

I've missed ya bunches!!! xoxo L

KristenJo said...

Those cupcakes are awesome!!! Yummy!!! And your kiddos are soooo cute!!!