Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend Sports Roundup

While i'm still stuck in this walking boot (only 2 more weeks, only 2 more weeks), I can still enjoy sports in the form of sitting in the stands watching my kids play ball. Taking the photos actually got me off my butt and walking around the field, which was a good thing. First son. He's playing baseball, he's on the Giants (so hard to even type that coming from a Dodger fan) and he's having a good time.

His team is super hard core and my husband and I are having some 'growing pains' dealing with it. On one hand, I want to protect my sweet baby boy from having to grow up, get yelled at by coaches and be pressured to perform well. On the other hand, I know he can grow from this, everybody isn't good at everything, and life isn't always about rainbows, butterflies, and cupcakes. I hope we survive. We really meaning me.

Then there's my daughter. She's playing softball, is on the Dugout Diamonds, and is always self-conscious of being the smallest girl on the team.

I want her to learn that small doesn't mean slowest, weakest, or worst. She's very aware of who's the best on the team, which pitchers throw the hardest, and what girls tower over her in height. This is not t-ball anymore. Girls are stealing bases, getting hit by wild pitches (thank goodness for batting helmets) and sliding into home. She is feeling her way through the season and we are doing our best to lift up her confidence. She made two outs at first base yesterday, which was a huge accomplishment. We celebrate her successes!!

I love watching my kids play sports. I was an athlete my whole life and feel myself getting swept up in the competition of it all. I try very hard to leave my feelings out of it and hope they are just having fun. I hope you are all having a great weekend. Monday morning is coming way too fast for me...!!


Michelle H. said...

Mara, so glad you only have two more weeks left!!
Love the pictures you share!!
Sounds like all of you are really having a great time watching the kids play ball!!
Have a blessed week!

mustangkayla said...

Yay for only 2 weeks left!

I'm NOT looking forward to those sports days. We just started t-ball and I already seeing parents doing what you said. :-(

Joni M said...

You have such a great attitude! I wish more parents (and coaches) realized that kids sports are about kids having fun.
HOORAY for a great sports weekend! I'm glad the rain didn't get in the way!

Aubree said...

14 more days isn't so'll be running around basking in the spring weather again before you know it!!

Love the pictures! I too live at the fields! It's funny though, I am as competitive as the kids or maybe even more so and I was never into sports as a kid! I sometimes find myself having to bite my tongue bc I want my son to be more competitive...he of course is more of a go with the flow sort of kid. At least they are having fun I guess! :)

VanessaB said...

wonderful moments. my ds, at 6 1/2, doesn't want to play team sports as he's afraid the team will do badly because of him. so sad. i'm working on that... go kevin and kayla! it's not about winning, it's about playing and having fun. :) fantastic photos!

Rebecca Keppel said...

Fabulous photos of your kiddos rocking the baseball field :) I remember watching my husband's nephew play soccer years ago (before we had kids) and listening to the parents on the sideline talking about how "this kid" or that kid shouldnt be playing and I was horrified! I thought it was supposed to be fun and good exercise. I admit I am hesitant about getting mine into team sports because of it, although I know it is such a good experience, especially learning how to work with others.

IamDerby said...

Great pictures! My son is playing this year. He is on the Rockies. My dd gave up after last year. said it was not her thing... lol