Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

Today was a co-workers birthday and when I asked him what kind of cupcakes he wanted, he had a one word answer. Beer. My co-worker is a homebrewer extraordinare, so his answer didn't surprise me. And my mind went right to this recipe. Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes...what a great excuse to make these beauties.

Chocolate Guinness cupcake, filled with a Bailey's spiked dark chocolate ganache topped with Bailey's buttercream frosting. The Guinness really adds a great depth to the chocolate, so rich. But I really think the star was the Bailey's buttercream. Or else I just make the cupcakes to eat the frosting, because the frosting really IS the best part.

A whole cooling rack was taken to work before I could eat just the buttercream off each cupcake. Really, it's the best part.

This is a definite keeper recipe. From Annie's Eats: Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes. These would be fun to serve at a St. Patrick's day party or make them for your favorite homebrewing co-worker!!

Thanks for stopping by today!


BethieJ said...

Mara .. YUM!!! They look DELISH! I bet your coworker LOVED them!!! Will have to give the recipe a try!!
Hope you had a WONDERFUL weekend!

Joni M said...

Baily's and Guiness at work?! I want to work where you do! Hehehe! The cupcakes look very yummy!

Michelle H. said...

They look good and sounds so yummy!!
I'm sure he really loved them!!

VanessaB said...

oh, i've been dying to try out a guinness cupcake recipe. YUUUM! and your frosting..... double yum! I bet he was one happy guy!

uhooi said...

Waw,, It works very nice, beautiful and creative,,


Rebecca Keppel said...

Oh wow! These sounds so rich and delicious!

B said...

Oh that's awesome! I want to try these!

IamDerby said...

The beer makes me hesitant but the Baileys? now I am all for that! Either way these are pretty!