Sunday, August 7, 2011

Altered Wood Frame

Last month I made this banner for my son. And wow, was my daughter jealous that it wasn't for her!! I promised to make her a banner for her room, but I wasn't feeling another banner. So I dug through my box of stuff to alter (I know you have one, too!!) and found some wood frames I had been hoarding. I just can't walk through Michael's and NOT pick up a few $1 wood frames. I dug into my Pebbles Ever After papers and I got to work!

I cut out some balloon shapes on my Cricut to make the petals for the flowers. I added some Stickles on the edges for a little bit of glitter. I hand cut the petal and made lots of rolled flowers for the centers of the bigger flowers and for the corner itself. 

At first, my daughter was upset I wasn't making her a banner. Because it just wasn't FAIR. Does everything have to be fair in your house? I swear, my kids will count the chocolate chips inside their cookies to make sure it's all fair. But as the frame came together and I added more flowers and pearls and bling, I think she changed her mind.

I dug out a big chipboard K from my stash and painted and stickled it. That's what really brought a big smile to her face, because now it's HER K frame. And she loves it. While she can be a tough critic, the huge smile on her face when she appreciates and likes something is well worth it!

happy Sunday Everyone!


Unknown said...

Wht a great idea! Your frame turned out great. I love all of your flowers. I am sue your daughters smile was priceless!

Michelle H. said...

Very pretty frame!!
Love how you used the balloons to create the flowers very clever!!!
I have one of these frames too and I have been wanting to alter it!!
I'm the same way I hang on to them for awhile and then I create!!
So glad your daughter liked her frame!!

mustangkayla said...

You only have 1 box of alterables???? *insert embarrassed expression* ;-)

Your frame is so pretty!

VanessaB said...

lucky girl!! this turned out amazing! so cute and girly- love those rolled flowers. :)

Kylie said...

This frame is great! Mara, you won the prize on my blog during the Practical Scrappers blog hop this past weekend. Please email me at with your address so I can send it off to you.


Angi Barrs said...

Super gorgeous frame. Love those flowers. If you like altered items then you must check out my blog post today. :)

Rebecca Keppel said...

Awesome frame--I bet she ended up adoring it! But yes, everything in my house has to be FAIR. Mostly from the big one looking at the little one's stuff--he has more ice cream, you gave him more, his present is bigger ETC ETC ETC--it drives me very nearly insane.

melody said...

oh mara..lovin your altered frame..and those scrumptious flower clusters..beautiful work!

Mel said...

This is really cute Mara!!

Carolina said...

It's gorgeous, and so girly! I'm sure your daughter loved it!

BethieJ said...

LOVE it Mara! I HEAR you on the fair.. grr.. same here... it drives me crazy! I swear we are fair.. dont they see it! HA HA! :) Hope all is well!!