Monday, October 1, 2012

Candy Push Pop treats

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Ours was filled with soccer and girl scouts and birthday parties. My son won his first soccer game and it was so fun to watch. He plays U-12 division and those boys really know how to play. I just love watching. My daughter tied her soccer game, so it was a good soccer weekend.

Today i'm sharing some treats that I made for my daughter's girl scout troop. This weekend they had their bridging ceremony. This means they moved up from brownies to juniors and we had a fun party where they actually walked across a bridge to signify the move up. I have these push pop containers that I previously made cake pops in (you can see them here!) and I turned them into candy party favors for the bridging ceremony.

 I filled the push pop containers with hershey kisses plus green and brown M&M's (girl scout colors!).

 I used printables that I found on etsy, in the Creative Capz store. The images are originally made for making bottle cap art but I printed them big on my home printer and they turned out great. The final size of the image was 2 inches and I matted each one on kraft cardstock.

I love how the insides of the push pop become part of the decoration. The pops are cute even from the backside!

There is a stand you can buy to display/serve the push pop containers, but I don't have it. I ended up lining a big tupperware container with green tissue paper and displaying them this way. I love how they look all together. The Peace Love Girl Scouts was the most popular one!

We had lots of fun at the bridging ceremony and the girls loved these favors. And I am looking forward to making more of these favors. You could really add anything to the pop molds, they are so versatile for any occasion!

I hope you had a great weekend...Happy Monday!


VanessaB said...

best mom ever! these are soooooo cute!

Annette Allen said...

oh my how totally it

Joyce said...

So cute and such fun.

Joni M said...

This is such a great idea, and turned out so cute!
Congrats to your new Junior, and to your son for his soccer win!

Terri said...

What a great treat! Super cute.

Kim said...

these are very very cool!

Marybeth said...

Oh I rember crossing over the bridge. Love the push pop treats what a great idea! I have never seen those push pop containers . Love the print outs .... You are a great mom! Congrats to your son on his soccer win!

Sue said...

The pop up containers look so cute with the labels! Love the idea of filling them with no-bake treats~easy!