Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Geocaching 101

We had a blast geocaching in Mammoth. What the heck is geocaching, you ask?? All you need is a handheld GPS unit, your legs, and some determination to find the treasure. Geocaches are hid everywhere around the world by just about anybody. Want to find out more? Go HERE.

Here are the caches we found in Mammoth:
#1: Twin Lakes, duct taped up peanut butter jar with a Cinderella pez dispenser!!

#2: Near Lake Mary-a big ammo box that was wedged in a rock crack. I found this one! You should have heard me squeal with delight!!

#3: Just outside the Village in Mammoth by this really cool creek and historical house. Kevin found this one all by himself! Looked like a camoflagued water cooler.

#4: Again near Twin Lakes. Behind this huge abandoned boat, shoved in a stump. I don't have a photo...and in my defense I was being bit by 3 huge black ants at the time and was slightly distracted.

#5: Along a bike/walking trail near another historical house. Kayla found this one all by herself!

#6: Near the original Mammoth City. The clue for this one was 'Guarded by 2 Pines'. We looked around and saw about 15 pine this was a toughie!! Some kind of painted pretzel container??

#7. Near a big fly wheel that was used in gold mining way back when. Kevin found this one, too. He was SO excited!!! This one was just hidden in May and we were the 2nd people to sign the log book.

We were 7 for 7!! Very exciting. And we saw parts of Mammoth i'm sure we would not have visited. Such a great way to spend an afternoon and the kids are really into it, too. Some of the caches have little toys and if the kids leave a toy, they can take one. Now we have some new little stuffed animals in the house!

Hope you're all having a great week. Thanks for stopping by!


Sarah said...

Sweet! I can't believe you almost got a FTF! I love how excited everyone gets when they find the cache -- even Mom gets fired up if she finds it first :)

One of my fav things about geocaching is exactly what you said -- you see places you never would have gone otherwise. Good caching guys!

Karina said...

How Fun...sounds like a good reason to buy a GPS. You guys have some great eagle eyes. Nice Job.

Lisa T. Howard said...

Sounds super intriguing! Great job on all the finds!

Joni Kix said...

What a fun activity! I've never heard of geocaching before! I'm going to check it out!

Shirley said...

I've never heard of this before but what fun! You guys are really good at this!