Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chalk Art

My kids LOVE drawing with chalk in the backyard. In fact, they LOVE crafts, especially my daughter. She will literally have scissors and paper flying all over the family room. It's like a mine field of scraps. Anyway, I love the weather is getting nicer and the kids can go outside. Chalk is easy to hose off and then they can create again. My daughter and I made this family portrait this weekend and thought it was too cute!!!

Okay, i'm off to watch The Biggest Loser!!


michelle said...

aww. that's so cute!

BethieJ said...

We LOVE chalk art too!! CUTE family portrait Mara and Kayla!!!
Cant wait to see valentine photos!
have a GREAT weekend!

Kathy G said...
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Kathy G said...

Here in St. Louis we still have ice and snow on the ground!

I've challenged myself to do one new activity each day for a year...I've added drawing with chalk to my list. (The sad thing is I'm sure my pictures will not be as good as your children's.)

Scrapthatpaper said...

I sure hope you are scrapping that.. Its to darn cute!