Thursday, March 6, 2008


Seriously, obsession is not a strong enough word!! My kids LOVE The Backyardigans. They love the TV episodes, the mini-movies, the music. We just got a new music CD and they cannot stop listening to it. We danced all over the house tonight. After about 4 or 5 songs...I am done. But they can just go on and on and on and on...If I could just bottle their energy! I do like the episodes, each one is based on a different style of music so that's pretty cool. We just saw one that was rock opera-like, reminded me alot of Queen. And one episode called Blazing Paddles, which is a funny knock-off of Blazing Saddles. Clever!! And the songs are TOOOOOO damn catchy, I sing them all day at work!

Thanks to Ari and Shawn at The Scrapping Spot for the sketch that inspired the layout.

Peace Out!


Nicole said...

OMG... Mara. I love this layout. I watch Backyardigans everyday with dd after work. She's only 4 mths but she loves them. I think I might love them just as much if not more. I have every episode recorded. My favorites are The Yeti, Racing Day and Polka Party. Can you tell how excited I am!!! Where did you get the stuffed animals I would love to get them for

Veronica-Disney Dreamin' Mama said...

LOVE the Backon's layout!! LOL--that's what GenevaClaire calls them the backon's!!