Sunday, April 27, 2008

My sis is getting married!!!

I am very excited that my sister finally found a nice young man to settle down with. Okay, who am I kidding??? But she did find somebody who we all just adore, who seems to have all his mental capacities in tact, and who plays a mean game of scrabble. She is getting married in 2 weeks and I flew up to her house last weekend for the bridal shower. My mom was there, my SIL was there, Sarah's friends were there and my BFF since 6th grade was there! It was a great party. We had sandwiches, salads, raspberry lemondrop martinis and a big 2-tiered stand filled with See's candy. The See's candy was totally unnecessary, but yummy nevertheless!!

Here is my BFF!! I like using the term BFF because I feel like Paris Hilton. We met in 6th grade, had every class together and then never had a class together again all through school! Love you, Bethie Boo!!!

Okay, I guess this is really supposed to be all about my sister! Here she is getting the highly coveted deluxe Scrabble game with turntable. Oh yeah....

The bridesmaids...although my sister likes to point out frequently that since i'm married I'm actually the MATRON of honor.

A group shot!!

My sis and I...this was about 4 martinis into the party so please don't judge...AND the fact she's my younger sister and taller than I??? So not fair.

Here we are flashing Westside gang signs, which probably wasn't too smart considering the neighborhood she lives in.

We went out later but those photos probably wouldn't get past the censors. They should probably be burned or deleted from my computer for fear of coming back to haunt me when I try to run for public office. I can't wait for the wedding!!!


Joni M said...

Great group shots... And congrats to your sister and her hubby to be! I'll be stalking your blog! I expect to see some wedding layouts in a couple of weeks :o)

BethieJ said...

What GREAT photos Mara!! CONGRATS to your sister!!!!!
My nickname was Bethie Boo too! LOL!!
Thanks for sharing, one day I want to get together and see those photos that didnt make the blog! LOL!!!
have a GREAT week!!!

michelle said...

congrats to your sis! you guys so look alike! love the gang