Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Altered Flour

Well...I haven't been feeling very crafty lately. Maybe a bit of burnout after my big scrap retreat weekend. So i've been channeling my energies into something else. Treats!!! I love baking and have been doing it alot lately. My daughter made these cupcakes with my hubby last week during the day (of course, chocolate!!) and then we frosted them at night. My son wanted blue frosting and my daughter wanted green. Can't they agree on anything???? So we combined the two and made a teal-turquoise like color for the frosting. Of course, had to top them with sprinkles and M&M's! I like the swirl tops better than the star frosted tops...what do you think?

The last two days I made these sugar cookies. Love the sugar recipe I have from my mom, it's so easy and delicious. I didn't have any red food coloring, so I had to stick with yellow, green and blue. I really need to branch out and get some other colors. Lots of fun playing with royal icing and using my frosting bags and tips. That was a great buy at Michael's, especially with my 50% coupon. I keep saying i'm going to sign up for cake decorating classes. One of these days I will actually do it.

I took a bunch of these to work this morning (because I cannot have them hanging around the house!) and they were gone by 9:30am. What a great breakfast!!


Joni M said...

Yummy! Those are some beautiful cupcakes... almost too beautiful to eat!

Mel Place said...

YUMMY YUMMY do you need my addy for the cookies i doubt the cupcake will make it

BethieJ said...

YUM Mara!!! Those all look YUMMY!!! I gotta try that, can you come over and help me if I get stuck! :)
Happy Baking Mara!!!!