Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Little Dancer

Kayla had her dance recital last night. Her class danced to 'You'll be in my heart' by Phil Collins. I think it was in the Tarzan movie. Regardless, it was (as you can imagine) just about the cutest thing ever. I loved their costumes, they were blue!! She really loved her dance class and was pretty good at learning the moves. There was an older girl on stage with them doing the dance and they ended up looking at her most of the time. I think she could have done it without the prompting...but that's just her proud mama talking! Look at me, only her 2nd recital and already a stage mom. She was really excited about dancing on the big stage and did great with the rehearsal and all the prepping. Here are a few pics of my future star:

She was SO tired of me taking photos of her!!! When we were leaving, she refused to smile or look at me. So I deliberately started chasing her around like the paparazzi (until my hubby told me to stop). She gave me THIS attitude...

Sorry sweepea, you are still cute!!!


BethieJ said...

OH MY GOSH! is she not the CUTEST ever! I LOVE that last photo ~ HA HA!! to funny!!!
oh and my garden grows very SLOW! SIGH!!! it was late going in! Yours looks GREAT!!!

Joni M said...

She's so tiny! The cutest little one ever!!!