Saturday, October 4, 2008

We Are Happy!

We are so happy right now. Both Kevin and Kayla love school and have adjusted to their new schedules. Everybody is just on a roll right now with school and work and life. Just lots of smiles and good times and NOT alot of tantrums and fights and not getting along. Just lots of happy! We went to the Santa Barbara Zoo today, even though it was pouring rain. Wasn't really raining by the time we got there, but the kids thought it was a great adventure when it started to sprinkle a bit. We then went to the Pier, got huge waffle cone ice creams and walked along the beach. So much fun, the kids were great and we had a blast!! Can't you tell???


Sarah said...

I don't fell that this level of cuteness should be allowed out in public. LOL love you guys!!

Joni M said...

I love the layouts from last week, and the photos from yesterday are adorable! I think it's so wonderful how you appreciate how happy your family is!!!
We went to the Julian Apple Festival yesterday and got rained on. It's hard to believe it was 100F last week.
Thanks for sharing your fun day with us!

Captain Awesome said...

I want a waffle cone. With vanilla ice cream and khalua.

BethieJ said...

Oh Mara what GREAT photos!!! They are very HAPPY and YES it shows! Cant wait to see your layouts of them!!
Well you answered one of my questions I asked in my email! LOL!! (the school one! glad it is going so well!!!)
Have a GREAT day!!!

Zoa said...

adorable pics!!! your kids look sooooo happy! I love pics like that! Happy Monday!!

TINTIN said...

You have lovely kids... and i can see happiness there ^^