Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Photos!!

We had a fantastic time on Halloween. Kevin was really into the scary stories and talking about halloween monsters this year, he decided to be a Vampire. Kayla had her heart set on being a jellyfish. Yes, a jellyfish. For the longest time I could not talk her out of it. When Halloween starting getting closer, it was either time to start hand making a jellyfish costume or get her to change her mind. We sat together on the computer and looked through all the costumes I could find and thankfully she fell in love with a ladybug costume she saw. Not that I would have minded making a jellyfish costume, I just didn't think I had the time!

Kevin was so patient as Craig did his makeup like a vampire. He wiggled around a bit at first, but then was really still for the final colors and blood dripping from his mouth!

I think Craig did a great job with his makeup!! Kayla had to have makeup too, so I added some ladybug spots to her cheeks. She was cute as ever!!

We went out trick or treating with our neighbors around our neighborhood then headed over to Kevin's friend's house (pretty much across the neighborhood from us). Kevin's friend had a haunted house in his garage and the kids were dying to see it. Needless to say, it was a bit too scary to actually step close to the haunted house. But we did see lots more friends and trick or treated some more. Kayla would still be out there trick or treating if we let her. She was wanting more!! We eventually came home and dumped out all the candy to 'inspect'. Sadly, some peanut butter cups and snickers were confiscated by the parent police and have been put away somewhere safe. The kids spent Saturday morning trading and counting their candy. SO funny to listen to them trade from the other room.

Hope you had a great Halloween with your family!!


Sarah said...

Kevin looks especially spooky with no front teeth!!!! His make-up looks fantastic, and Kayla is as adorable as can be!!

Alecia Wolfford said...

Oh WOW, they look GREAT!!! And I LOVE ladybugs, that costume is WAY cute!!

Sarah said...

Love the costumes!!!!

Unknown said...

Great photos!!!

BethieJ said...

Mara the kiddos look FANTASTIC!!! and sounds like a GREAT night was had by all!!