Friday, December 12, 2008

13 days????

Really, 13 days until Christmas? I'm not ready!! Thanks, Beth, for freaking me out! We finally got our tree tonight. The kids have been opening their Christmas countdown boxes and today's message said 'Go Get Frozen Yogurt'. So we decided after dinner to go get our tree and frozen yogurt. And I was all armed and ready with my camera...and after 1 pic at the tree BATTERY DIED!!!!!!!!!! That will teach me to check the battery BEFORE leaving the house. So no pics of the tree farm or the yogurt. UGH! But, we got a great tree and had a great time getting yogurt. A new place opened near us, it's self serve. You fill up your bowl with 1 or 8 flavors of yogurt and there are about 50 toppings to chose from. And you get to pick and scoop it yourself!! And then they weigh your bowl and you pay. The kids ( too) had a GREAT time picking flavors and toppings. I need to go back everyday to try all the combinations in my head!! Hee Hee...

Here are some pics i've taken for my December Daily album. Are they in my album yet? No, but they are all organized by days and ready to print out. That counts, right??

Hope you're having a great Friday!!!


BethieJ said...

12 days!! or shall I just say 11 now since the day is almost over! LOL!! I am sooo gonna be in high gear the next 11 days! :)
I LOVE your photos from Dec!! We LOVE that game too!!!
How are the monkey cupcakes?!!
have a GREAT rest of your weekend!!!
Happy Holidays!

Cookie Aguilar said...

Hi Mara!!!

its me!!! wow i love reading your post in your blog!!! so nice to visit you here again! anyway, have a merry Chrsitmas to you and your family!!!

Kim, kimmy, kimmie said...

Super cute photo Mara!