Monday, December 22, 2008

It's not really the holiday until...

We make frosted sugar cookies!!!

We get together with the same friends every year to decorate cookies. I think we've done this every year since Kevin was 11 months old. FUN!!! I'll have to put together a little mini album one of these days. The kids have fun together and the adults can sit around and chat, have a holiday homebrew and relax. I love these days!!

We also went last night to see Christmas lights. Another thing we do every year with friends. The kids love it and this year the houses did not disappoint. There was a new one that was just decked out completely. The arches over the driveway lit up in time to the music that was playing. There was even a lifesize Santa in the driveway that talked. Oh how the owners of the house must have loved our kids running all over and screaming for Santa to talk to them! They must leave and go on vacation for the holidays, LOL!!!

I was taking photos without my flash and the group shot would be worked if the girls could have just stood still!! We are done shopping, I have a few more little things to make and then we will be READY!!! I can't wait!


BethieJ said...

Oh Mara~ how FUN is all that!! What GREAT traditions!! (and YEAH get right on that mini book! LOL!!)
LOVE the house! LOVE it! I bet they sit inside with their homebrew enjoying it all! :)
Have a GREAT time at your moms!!
Merry Christmas!!!!!

Kim, kimmy, kimmie said...

Great times!! I am sure your children will cherish these traditions always! Hope your Holiday is fantastic!

Joni M said...

What a yummy tradition! I love how the photo came out using just the available light. There are time when I don't want the flash to wash everything out.
Merry Christmas!

Mel Place said...

yummy YUMMY!! great pics mara and fun family traditions