Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Monday

Where does the weekend go??? I swear, it was just Friday and now it's Monday again. Our weekend was filled with baseball, baseball photos, softball, playdates, cinammon bread, fishing, snickerdoodles and running errands. Sound fun????? Not too much else going on! But I did want to share this cake I made for my BIL's birthday. It's yellow cake in the middle, which I cut each layer in half, so there are 4 layers. Homeade chocolate buttercream so good...inbetween each layer and on top. The cake is a wee bit lopsided, but after it was all said and done I could not fix it. So, here it is!

Nice little smudge there on the border! That happened in transit. The kids made a boxful of decorations to use in my BIL's house. The afternoon of his birthday Craig took the kids over to his house and did a full sabatoge. Streamers everywhere, filled the pantry and fridge with balloons, the kids put their decorations up, the whole nine yards. Craig even contemplated putting vaseline on the toilet seat (which my kids thought was hilarious!!!) but in the end opted out of that. Not so easy to blame that on the cute little niece and nephew!!

I am taking another cake decorating class, this time at a real cake/candy shop. I'm doing it with a friend and it's for 6 weeks. I am really really excited because I think i'm going to get alot out of it. My last class was kinda a bust and I can do that scalloped cake border and that's about all. And for 6 weeks my family and co-workers will be enjoying cake every Thursday, so that's a bonus!!


BethieJ said...

Mara the cake looks YUMMY! and I LOVE the kiddos and Craig decorated! how fun is that!!!
Have a GREAT day!!!

Joni M said...

What a fun filled weekend! The cake looks so yummy! I really want to see your class cakes! Please share!

VanessaB said...

Very nice cake! I have friends who are in to cake decorating. I don't like to spend any time on anything food related. I like to admire other's work of cake art. :)

Shirley said...

That cake is awesome Mara and four layers!! You go girl! After your next class you'll be a pro!