Thursday, March 5, 2009

Snow Photos!!!

Just a warning...this post is very photo heavy!! We spent last weekend in Alta Sierra, enjoying some nice spring snow weather. The weather was gorgeous, but there was enough snow around to have some serious fun!! Here's the cabin where we stayed:

4 families, 15 people in the cabin. I think there was plenty of room for everybody. The cabin had a spiral staircase right in the middle that went up to the loft. Can you guess where the kids played all weekend??

The first morning we spent at the Alta Sierra Ski Resort. There was a tubing run and skiing. We first did the tube run. At the bottom of the tube hill, you hauled your tube to the conveyor belt, where they attached you to the wire and back up the hill you go!!

Kayla spent 2 hours tubing! I made her stop and take a break, but she whined until she could go back out. She hauled that big tube around for 2 hours, loving every minute of it. Kevin was having a ball as well.

Kevin also took ski lessons. All four boys on the weekend were in the same class. This poor ski instructor did NOT know what was in store for him!!! He sure had his hands full with these first timers!!

And here's Kayla during the ski lesson, still tubing!!

Kevin then went down the medium sized hill after his lesson. This was a long, painful process!! He was going so slow and it took him forever to get down. He then came up on the ski lift and had to ski down to the starting point again. He was not very confident, but eventually he made it!!

That afternoon, after lunch, a few dads groomed our own sledding run right outside our cabin. It was awesome! My kids spent all afternoon on this sled run. They couldn't get enough!!

Thank goodness the dads tested the safety of the run before the kids had a chance to play. And thank goodness Craig didn't spill his beer on this run!!

Even I got in on the fun! And thanks to Craig for getting that shot of my backside, falling off the sled!

And because you are not sick of sledding photos are a few more! I went crazy with my camera this weekend!

So there is our snow trip!!! We are going to try to go every year. The kids just loved it and had so much fun. Craig and I did too!! Maybe next year Kevin will be a little more steady and confidant on the skis and Craig can get some skiing time in as well. Thanks for checking out all my pics!!


BethieJ said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos Mara.. Looks like you all had a GREAT time!!!!
Happy Friday!

Joni M said...

I love all the joy on everyone's faces! It looks like a WONDERFUL time! TFS!

Shirley said...

Awesome photos Mara and what a fabulous trip! You can tell everyone had a great time!