Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baseball Summer

Oh my goodness, it's HOT!!!!!!!!!! I think summer has finally arrived. It's been over 100 degrees all week. We are going to need popsicles, sprinklers, and ice cream immediately over here. Going to do alot of trying to stay cool today. I was contemplating doing some baking, but I don't know if I want to even turn on the oven. Even if the end result would be double chocolate fudge brownies, the heat may outweigh my sweet tooth. I know, I don't believe it either.

So...while we try to stay cool, i'll share this layout I did using the July Crazy Daisy kit. I've been saving this photo since last summer...waiting for the perfect paper...and I think I found it in this kit! This is my husband and son and friends at a Dodger game last summer. And not just any Dodger game, they had tickets RIGHT behind home plate, about 4 rows up. Pretty much the best seats ever. It was all you could eat cracker jacks, popcorn, water, and sodas. Waiters came around with icy cold towels for your neck (because it was crazy hot) and to take your order for other food. All the kids got to meet the players as they were leaving the clubhouse after the game. It was pretty amazing.

I needed something to compliment that beautiful Dodger blue color and I think the colors in this kit were perfect. Such a great memory for my hubbie and son associated with this photo!

Hope you are all staying cool this weekend...thanks for stopping by!


Create With Joy said...

Hi Mara,

Hasn't it been horrendous these past few days? I knew that beautiful June weather wouldn't last forever!

Stop by my blog and try that Watermelon Sherbet Smoothie recipe I posted a few days ago. They are an AWESOME heat buster - we've blown through 2 watermelons making them this week - and plan to pick up some more next time we're at the supermarket!


Rebecca Keppel said...

We've been dealing with brutally hot here too. I literally feel like my brain is melting lol! Love that LO--what a fabulous day for your guys to remember.

Cecelia said...

Hello Mara! It sounds like you and I may be neighbors;0) We go to Dodgers games quite often too. This LO is way to cute. The paper and colors are perfect.
With HOT weather like this...I have a hard time even cooking Hope you had a great weekend. Be back soon;0) xx

Samantha Hauzer said...

Reading your post makes me glad it's winter here! Love your layout, the stars look fantastic :)

BethieJ said...

LOVE it Mara.. what a GREAT photo.. wow I may even make it through a game sitting there! :)
Hope you cool down a bit..We are due for a perfect 80 all week.. I HOPE so!!

IamDerby said...

Great layout! Its a million degrees here too, ugh I hate the heat! Good luck staying cool!

Joni M said...

I heard it was HOT here... I'm so glad we were camping in Mammoth last week. Great layout, Mara!... go Dodgers!