Friday, May 18, 2012

Volunteer Appreciation Gifts

My son, who is in 4th grade, was part of a tutor program at his school this year. The program paired a 4th or 5th grade student with a 1st grader to help improve their reading skills. My son really bonded with the boy he was tutoring, it was a great experience for him. The program was run by 3 parent volunteers, who gave up so much time to run this program. The kids had to be at school 30 minutes early every day and there was always a parent volunteer present. Today is the tutor party and I made these for my son to give to the parents who run the program.

This was a ridiculously easy gift to put together. The boxes of Junior Mints were $1 at Target (yes, i'm a big spender). I wrapped them in school themed paper, printed the sentiment on the computer and tied it up with some twine.

I found the sentiment idea on Pinterest when I searched 'teacher appreciation gifts'. There are so many great ideas out there!

Our Target has lots of different candies in these 'movie theater' style boxes, and they are all $1. They make great gifts! Here are a few other ideas:

Whoppers: You are a Whopper of a ____________! (teacher, volunteer, help, friend...)
Reeses Pieces: You are a great teacher, We love you to pieces!
Lifesavers: Thanks for being a Lifesaver!
Skor Bar: We Skored having you for a teacher this year!
100Grand Bar: You are worth more than 100 Grand!

What other ideas can you come up with? With the end of school right around the corner, I will definitely be making more of these. They are super easy and fast to put together, great for when your kid tells you 8 hours before they need it. Ha ha!!

Happy Friday and thanks for stopping by today!


Joyce said...

What a clever idea for appreciation gifts. I know I would love to receive those Junior Mints--my faves.

Sara Mac said...

Wonderful little thank you gifts Mara! I'm sure they'll love these. Thanks for the ideas.

Annette Allen said...

how AWESOME are these...they are going to love fun idea...

Tamika said...

I love all of these ideas! I have to save this for future use, tfs. Have a great weekend!

Tracey McNeely said...

Very creative Mara, great treats.

Michelle H. said...

Wow! Such a fun gift and great idea!!
Love the simplicity of them!!

VanessaB said...

wish you would have created these a week ago so i could have stolen the idea and made some for my volunteers. lol! i guess i still have time... LOVE THEM! so cute and fun.

Angela said...

Too cute! What a great idea!

Angi Barrs said...

Awww this is such a sweet and happy gift. Love it.