Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pouch Treat Bag Tutorial

Hi Everyone! How was your labor day weekend? We had a nice weekend. Lots of swimming and snacking and cocktails and shopping and just hanging out. I can't believe that summer is over. Although it will stay hot around here for a while. My kids soccer season has started and some of their games can be brutally hot!

I am sharing a tutorial today that I did for the Momenta/Helmar blog event. I made pouch treats bags using Momenta product and Helmar adhesive. Want to see how I did it?

You will need:
1 square piece of paper (I used a 6x6 piece from the Chloe's Garden Paper pack)
good adhesive

Fold the square of paper in half on the diagonal.

Fold one corner up and in, having it meet on the opposite edge. Add a little dot of Helmar Permanent Adhesive Runner to hold the corner down.

Using the other corner, make a similar fold. Again use the Helmar adhesive runner to hold the corner down.

Fold one layer of the top corner down to create the pouch.

I then used my trusty punches to create a fun embellishment for the front of the pouch. I used the Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive for my button. This adhesive is strong!!

The great thing is how versatile these pouches are. They can hold just about anything!

The 6x6 pouch is the perfect size for a gift card or some Airhead candies.

You can squeeze open the pouch a bit and then a handful of Starburst candies is perfect inside.

 Aren't these fun? They are super easy and you can make them in any size you want. Just make sure you start with a square piece of paper and then you use the same folding technique.

Happy beginning of the week!! Thanks for stopping by today!


Tracey McNeely said...

CUTE Mara, a totally fun idea!

Laurel said...

How cute are these!

Leah said...

These are great! I love them:) Where did you get that adhesive, the liquid one, I'm always on the look out for a good, strong adhesive.:)

carol (krillsister) said...

WOW! these are super cute. I can see making some of these for Halloween. thanks for sharing!

Annette Allen said...

aww so sweet...Thanks for sharing...great tutorial..

Angi Barrs said...

EEEK! I looove these pouch bags. Super cool idea!

Michelle H. said...

Beautiful gift bags!!
Love the design!!
Love them all so fun!!

Juliana Michaels 17turtles said...

OH my Goodness! These are adorable! What a cute idea!!!
Looks like you had a wonderful vacation...such great photos!!!
And those chocolate bars look yummy!
I may have to give those a try this weekend!

Kim said...

Now these are just tooooo clever Love em!

BethieJ said...

Mara these are so CUTE!! Hope you had a FABULOUS weekend!!!!

VanessaB said...

omg. i made those little treat holders before... like 10 years ago and that pains me that i can reference back in double digits. lol!! loved them then, love them now- yours turned out so cute! i'm going to have to make them again- it's been so long, it'll be like trying something new. haha!