Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Visit from Uncle Paul

My youngest brother Paul lives on the East Coast. He just moved there last summer. We get to see him on major national holidays and usually keep in contact via email and family gossip. He has been on the West Coast for a couple of weeks and was in the area. So, he came by to visit. The visit was disguised as a furniture pickup for my mom. The kids were excited to see Uncle Paul!! They made him birthday cards (Kevin's was this elaborate identify-the-drawn-creature game + card. It was very detailed). The kids completely monopolized his time. I seriously got in about 5 minutes of talking, the rest was spent by the kids showing him the garden, their rooms, their Hello Kitty water cooler, making Paul read them books and eating expertly designed fruit animal snacks. When he was leaving, I whipped out the camera on the front lawn and got these priceless photos. We loved seeing you Uncle Paul!!! And seriously, what's up with the beard??? How long is that going to stick around?


Joni M said...

Uncle Paul looks like a fun guy to have around! Great photos! LOL!

ben said...

What a lovely man!