Friday, May 23, 2008


Here are 5 things that I love right now:

1. 3-day weekends
2. Good friends that come over even if they have to drive a bit.
3. The Dollar Store
4. The fact that my kids know what should be recycled and actually put it in the right bin
5. Twizzlers. Bought some today when I was crusing through Michael's. Haven't treated myself in a while, and today was the day!

While I was Michael's I found the highly elusive Threading Water punch from Fiskars. YEAH! It's been sold out everyone i've looked online. PLUS I had a 50% coupon...double whammy!!! It will punch a scalloped border on anything. Well, maybe not anything. But i'm sure going to try!

1 comment:

Zoa said...

congrats on finding the punch!!!
I love all the pages on your blog- most of them I haven't seen adn they are fabulous!!! Hope you are having a nice holiday weekend!!