Sunday, May 18, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane

We flew up to my sister's wedding last weekend and it was the kids first time flying. They were excited and had a hard time sitting still in the airport. They loved taking their shoes off for security, that was super exciting! When we arrived and landed, the flight attendants and pilots welcomed the kids into the cockpit. They got to sit in the pilot's seat, push a bunch of buttons and pretty much sat in awe of the control panel!

This is the luggage statue in the middle of the baggage claim area at the Sac airport. The kids thought we had to sort through the tower of bags to find ours!!

The next day most of the girls in the wedding party plus mom's went to get their nails done. This would be Kayla's first time getting her nails done. She was in HEAVEN! She picked sparkly magenta color for her toes and a pale peach for her fingers. She even got flowers on her fingernails! She loved it...and so did I. I love getting a pedicure, just don't have the time for it lately. Like in the past 7 years!! Ha!

Here is the bride-to-be getting pampered!

I have lots more wedding photos to come...stay tuned!


BethieJ said...

What GREAT photos Mara!! Sounds like a fabulous time was had last weekend! LOVE all projects you shared!! How did I MISS the Bret Michaels music challenge!! LOVE your take on it! What a GREAT pic. of the kiddos!!!

Joni M said...

Wow you have been busy! I see you posted lots and lots of projects... they are all fabulous of course! Plus a wedding! You got some great Photos!

Trina C said...

I am so jealous of your kids! "I" want to sit in the cockpit of a jet and get flowers on my fingernails too!!!