Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Yes, it's a late Christmas greeting but I haven't had time to get to my blog for a while. We spent 5 days at my mom's and saw all of my family plus Jason's parents who traveled from Maine. We had a great holiday with everyone. So many good presents and good food and good laughs. Here are a few highlights.

Bowling on Christmas Eve

Opening Stockings on Christmas Morning. Santa always brings M&M guys and chocolate gold coins. He's so smart.

The kids out of their pajamas and into their Christmas clothes! Why they chose to sit in front of my mom's front door on the floor is beyond me, it was hard enough to get them to stay still for a photo!

Me and my Mom wearing our new Christmas jewelry!

Kayla and Uncle Paul. Please don't ask me about his hair. I don't have any answers.

We 're-gifted' to Jason a singing, dancing George Bush doll. The look on his face when he discovered all it had to offer was priceless! And my sister's face, too!!

Sarah and Jason bought this wagon wheel at an auction in Maine this past fall for my mom. My mom has been wanting a wagon wheel for her garden for years, now. It was so fun to watch her open it!! Please excuse the lighting, it's awful. The sun was streaming through the window and the photo is not the best. I haven't figured out if I can fix it.

My sister and I NOT helping with dinner!!

Everyone!!! Full and happy after dinner! John just had to grab George Bush for the photo. that George trying to steal Jason's wine????

And then on the 26th, my sweet boy turned 7!!!! I can't believe he is 7, I had a bit of a freak out about it.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your families. I am getting the itch to clean up the house now and get all the stockings put away. I'm off work this week so I am also hoping to get some scrapping done!!! Make way for 2009!!!


BethieJ said...
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BethieJ said...

MARA!! I LOVED the photos! I think they were all GREAT!!! :) I love all the photos of the kiddos.. and the photo with George Bush was PRICELESS!! the best PHOTO since he was in office.. in my opinion of course! LOL!!!
I hope you all had a GREAT Xmas!! Happy HAPPY 6th birthday to your sweet Kevin,... (I want 6 again!!)
Happy New Year!!!!

Joni M said...

Mara, I love seeing all the family Christmas photos! What a wonderful time! And guess what? Santa always brings gold coins for our Christmas stockings every year too!

Mel Place said...

awesome pics mara and late happy birthday to your sweet guy 7 already wow!!look like you and familys had a blast

Sarah said...

Love the pic of Kayla and Paul!! What a pair. Oh and there will be revenge for Dubya. Just you wait.....