Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend Update!

Another weekend has come and gone...and back to work and working out tomorrow morning. I fell off the healthy wagon a teeny tiny bit today (please see previous cupcake post for the reason!!!) but going to get back on tomorrow. Friday night we had so much fun at our school's carnival. Kayla got to dunk her teacher in the dunk booth and was super excited about that! No photos, because guess who forgot her camera!! Ooops!

We also had the last baseball and softball games of the season. Kayla got her trophy and was so proud of it!

I finally brought my camera to one of Kevin's games, he did so well on Saturday!! 5 hits and some really good plays in the field.

And today was just beautiful and the perfect time to practice some NO TRAINING WHEEL bike riding skills!! Kayla can finally start and stop by herself, yeah!!

You should see her cut those corners close when she turns. A little daredevil, I tell ya. And Kevin is very confident now and is starting to try little tricks. I see a visit to the ER this summer. And after that, they begged and begged for Craig to set up the little pool in the backyard. They literally played in this pool for about 4 hours today. All while wearing their goggles...for the 4 inches of water in the pool. They had the time of their lives!!!

That's about it!! It was a great weekend and now it's back to work and school tomorrow. Not too many days left of school for the kids. I can't wait for all our summer camping trips. Thanks for stopping by!!


Kristii said...

Looks like you had a fantastic weekend!!! Love the pics! Your children are beautiful!!! Hope you have a great day!!

Lisa said...

Ahhh! The early days of summer...or least what feels like summer! Awesome pics of your lovely littles! Sounds like a weekend of the best kind! And I soooo hear ya about getting back on the healthy bus. My 30 days to wellness started today and I'm off and running! Hope your Monday is a good one!

Lee said...

Well done with your children's achievements. They sure do make one proud! Did you run the 21km race?

Sarah said...

Kevin probably played so well cause he was dressed as an A. Go Oakland!!

That's so exciting that Kayla is riding with no wheels!! They are growing up so fast, I wish I was closer. Hurrah for swimming, it is so time for summer!! Can't wait to go camping with you guys :)

Joni M said...

Cute cute cute photos!!!
It sure was a hot one this weekend, wasn't it? Perfect early pool weather!!!

ellen s. said...

your kids are tooo cute! pink peeps?1 i love it. so glad i stopped by your blog

ellen{howdee from so}

BethieJ said...

Ah LOVED the photos Mara.. looks like a FUN weekend!!! (Justin was an A when he played ball too!)So looking forward to SUMMER!!!!

Unknown said...

Darling photos of your young take fabulous photos!

Shirley said...

Your kiddos are so dang cute! Love these shots!