Friday, June 5, 2009

Finally Friday!!!

Whew, finally Friday! And check this out, one of my cards I made with Color Me Daisy's June Kit is featured on the GCD Studios Blog cool!!!

And for those of you who wanted to know how I made those flowers in the post below, please check out Sarah's blog HERE. She kindly posted a great tutorial!!

Now I'm going to try my Friday Favorites!! My friend Beth and Zoa do this and i've always wanted here goes!!!

1. Fairies!!!

I went with Kayla and her 2 friends to The Faery Hunt last weekend. It's an interactive outdoor play that happens with you in the story. You have to find the fairies in the wood and help find the 'right' king. Kayla and her friend were SOOOOOO into it! After it was over, you could get fairy autographs and take photos with the fairies. She's never been happier!!

2. Chocolate Chip Cookies

cookies Pictures, Images and Photos

enough said.

3. Watching this girl jump rope!!!

She's addicted!! She's been working so hard to get it right and she finally has it. Lots of singing...Cinderella...dressed in yella...went upstairs to kiss a fella...You know you remember that song from elementary school!! And please don't ask what she's wearing. She gets dressed by herself and somedays that is all you can ask for.

4. Chocolate

chocolate Pictures, Images and Photos

I've been trying to stay away from it, so looking at photos is all I get right now.

5. The Silversun Pickups New Album
Silversun Pickups Swoon Pictures, Images and Photos

I've been listening to this it!!

Hope you are all having a fabulous Friday! Thanks for stopping by!


Sarah said...

Hey girly!! Congrats on your card being featured. I saw that and was so impressed!!

Loving the pics of Kayla, when she's in a good mood she is so infectious!! And I was going to ask about the outfit....glad you cleared it up :) You have a little fashionista on your hands!!

IamDerby said...

Lovin your faves! Chocolate and cookies are two faves of mine as well! I also love your scrapbook page on the post below. You do beautiful work.

BethieJ said...

Mara I LOVED your friday favs! What GREAT photos.. and I sooo want to go that fairy place... looks FUN!!!
Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!!!

Joni M said...

I love your Friday favorites! I've been considering doing Thursday Thirteen, but 13 things seemed like a lot... You and Beth have convinced me to try Friday favorites! But since I missed Friday, I'll have to start next week, LOL!
Congrats on the card! It looks great!

Zoa said...

yay for you joining the Friday Favs!!!! snag the blinkie off my blog and join us every week!!!

love your list- the fairy hunt sounds like sooooo much fun! wow- I wanna go! what a cute idea! and I love the jump rope pics of Kayla! so cute!

I am so happy you are doing your favs! have a great weekend :-)
xoxo~ Zoa

Jodi said...

congrats on getting you card on the GDC blog! Love it!!... and that fairy hunt sounds so cool... my dd would love it!

mborrero said...

Cute girls!!


living creating & appreciating
~my blog

Sarah said...

Love the friday faves! Great pics too! Hope you had a great weekend!

Val said...

Love your Friday Faves. The fairy thing looks awesome and Yay to your girl for getting the jump rope thing down. :)

Shirley said...

Congrats on that awesome card being featured! Your Friday Faves are so fun and love the photos of Kayla jumping rope! So cute!

Unknown said...

I saw your card on the GCD Blog this morning...that is so awesome!! It's beautiful! I love that paper line!

ellen s. said...

i have to check out that album. off to check out your card..congrats!