Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pretzel M&M Blondies

Have you tried these yet???

Pretzel M&M's. I love M&M's, especially the peanut butter ones. SO good! Almond ones are also good and the plain are just a classic. They seem to be coming out with more and different flavors lately, and these pretzel ones are the latest. When I saw THIS recipe for Pretzel M&M blondies, I knew I had to buy a bag to try them. I convinced my son he wanted to make them and I turned him loose in the kitchen.

I am the first to admit that i'm pretty controlling in the kitchen. I rarely turn the kids loose on a recipe and let them go for it. I'm always hovering, making sure the flour is measured and actually gets into the bowl, the eggs don't crack on the counter, the baking powder doesn't go flying, etc. But I decided to step back and let Kevin do this one all on his own. Plus, he doesn't have long hair (like my daughter) that I constantly freak out about getting caught in the mixer (I know, weird).

I think he thought I was kidding or something when I told him he could turn on the mixer, scrape the sides of the bowl himself, etc. He did an amazing job following the recipe and mixing up all the ingredients. He lined the pan with foil and poured the batter into the pan like a pro.

All the while i'm running around the kitchen with my camera, trying to get good shots of him. He thought I was crazy. What's new. We used a round 8 inch pan instead of a square one (where is that pan, anyway???) and they turned out great!!

Now here's my review on the M&M's. Not that good. SHOCKER! I thought the pretzel-to-chocolate ratio was too high. Not enough chocolate for me, but in these blondies they were just fine. We dressed up the slices with a little whipped topping and mini chocolate chips. Just because.

The kids enjoyed picking what piece they wanted depending on how many red or green or blue M&M's were in each slice. And we definitely enjoyed eating it!

So I decided I need to 'let go' a little more in the kitchen. I need to find some easy recipes and let the kids just make them with no hovering going on. I mean, that's how they learn...right? And then they can learn to clean up all the spilled flour on the counter, too. Hee hee!!

Thanks for stopping by, friends!!


Mona Pendleton said...

Mara, these photos of your son baking are PRICELESS! What a wonderful bonding experience! The treats look yummy :)

Sue said...

Great job, Kevin! These blondies look GREAT! I love the density of them! I've never tried these pretzel m&m's yet...I'll have to try them; they look like gumballs:)

Unknown said...

The photos are great, and the blondies DO look yummy. I will have to follow your lead and set my middle one loose in the kitchen. The oldest is a fine cook (his grandfather was shocked when I handed over the grilling to him the other night) ... the youngest is mostly at the beater licking age but the middle child is well... just right for a little on his own cookery!

Tamika said...

Wow those do look yummy and your son was such a willing participant. I know what you mean about letting others loose in the kitchen. My husband likes to cook and it was such an adjustment sharing the kitchen with someone, lol. Great blog! I am glad that I found you :)

Rebecca Keppel said...

Those look sooooo YUM! The one good thing about the pretzel to chocolate ration in those M&Ms is a bit less fat ;) But of course that doesnt make a difference for me because I eat way too many of them lol!

Joni M said...

It's so nice to see your son enjoys baking! My son used to love baking when he was in middle school... I don't know what happened... Maybe he needs more encouragement! LOL!

Michelle said...

Oh those look delicious, and he looked like he had a ball making them.

I am out of sweets in the house. So I think this sounds like a good thing to make this weekend.

VanessaB said...

great shots! FUN! that looks so good! but i *do* love those pretzel mnms! :)

IamDerby said...

Well this looks yummy and your son is adorable but pretzel m&ms sound really gross to me.