Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday with Cake #2

Yesterday was my sweet hubbie's birthday and it just happen to be my cake class night. So...I told him I would make him a cake. So generous of me, don't you think! LOL!! So, here it is. Cake #2.

I am so not happy with the lighting in my kitchen right now! I could not get any good closeup photos. We learned that lacey technique that's covering the cake, the borders,and how to make vines, sweet pea flowers and leaves. We also learned how to make 2-tone flowers. As you will notice, the flowers are both white and blue. Kinda a cool effect. I'm not a big fan of that lacey look, a little bit too fussy for me. But I love the flowers and the cool borders. Definitely things I can use again!!

OOOppps...I just dropped frosting into my keyboard...LOL! Have to go clean that up. Love you sweetie and happy 1-day belated birthday! Thanks for stopping by!!! :-)


Val said...

Happy Birthday to Hubby! Great job on the cake. Looks so yummy!

Lisa said...

Happy bday to your man! Love the pic of you two! And you are doing a great job with your cakes! I'm sure he loved your labor of love! Hope this weekend is filled with lots of fun!

BethieJ said...

Happy Birthday Craig!!
Mara the cake looks FANTASTIC!! Looks like your learning lots in your class.. a bit different then the Mikes one huh! LOL!!
Have a GREAT weekend!

Joni M said...

That's a professional looking cake! What kind of sprinkles is that I see glittering on the cake? It's so pretty!

Happy birthday, Craig!!!

lacylegend said...

cool family.
great cake and I especially