Saturday, April 18, 2009

Scrapping Green

I often feel a pang of guilt when I want to buy that new scrapping paper that's coming out or those cool new embellishments packaged in a big plastic blister pack. I consider myself an ecologist, a 'green' person, somebody who cares for this precious planet of ours and is trying to make a difference. We recycle, compost, have our own vegetable garden, teach our kids to bring home their plastic spoons to re-use them. So marrying my love of scrapbooking and my love of the planet is sometimes tough. But here are a few 'rules' I try to follow:

1. I don't buy those big paper packs unless I love every single sheet of paper in them. And I usually don't, so I usually don't buy them.
2. Don't buy on a whim. Try to have a reason to buy something. (My husband might disagree with this one, and true...I do still buy stuff on a whim. But i'm trying!!).
3. If a company packages their embellishments in big plastic blister packs, I just don't buy them anymore. I purposely seek out embellishments that are packaged up smaller or I don't get them.
4. When i'm ordering online, I try to split an order with a friend or split supplies with a friend. Saves on shipping and then we don't waste as much.
5. I try to use the packaging for something. This doesn't always happen, but I'm constantly thinking about it. And sometimes I'm successful.

Here are some things i've used the packaging for. Those big plastic packages that chipboard come in, man...that's alot of plastic!! I have used it to make my own acrylic transparent embellishments. I punched out flowers and painted them to add to this layout.

I also used some cardboard that was destined for the trash on this card. And corrugated cardboard is so trendy right now!!

I also used that oh so hot and trendy cardboard to stamp with.

I really think the key to all this is thinking about it first. Before you buy a bunch of stuff you don't need. When my kids clean up the table after lunch or dinner, they are constantly asking...can this be recycled? I love that and I try to think about it too when i'm out shopping. For all kinds of everything, not just scrapping supplies!!

How are you going green?????


Joni M said...

Way to go Mara! We are planting a vegetable garden this year and we recycle everything we can. Our city has curbside recycling... gotta LOVE that! I hope your leg is feeling better. I'm taking my last long run before the half-marathon tomorrow... TWO MORE WEEKS!

Diane said...

Very creative! I need to think a little more about reusing packaging.

We do the big veggie garden thing too! I am so ready to eat fresh!!!

Lee said...

Way to go! We do need to give so much more thought to our lifestyles. Your projects are all lovely.

IamDerby said...

Love your "recycled" cards. i too try to recycle what I can... I also feel guilty about my large quantities of paper. I give my left overs to the elementary school for art.

B said...

Love the recycled cardboard in your projects! Super creative!

Mel Place said...

mara you always has awesome ideals and i too save and recycle stuff for scrapping too..tfs

Katy Myhre said...

Very cute page! Love the layout.

BethieJ said...

Mara I LOVE those.. good for you for using all that stuff! I need to work on being better!
Have a GREAT night!!!

melody said...

wow ~ fabulous los chickie..lovin all those flowers on the first one..and that is so kewl using cardboard on the second ~ and awesome card!

Shirley said...

You have some great ideas and I'm very impressed!