Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Craft Show Cards

So...I signed up to participate in a craft fair. It's actually going to be my mom and sister working the table because my sweet DH will be out of town and I just can't take the 2 kiddies there. It's a craft fair in my mom's community and i'm going to be selling cards, gift bags and boxes, and maybe a few other altered things. Here are some cards that I recently made for the craft fair. I'm trying to keep things simple, so they fit in a standard card, only need a normal stamp, aren't too bulky. When people buy them, I want people to use them with minimum hassle!!

I used Basic Gray, Mellow line to make these. I'm going to make thank yous, birthday cards, and maybe some hi/hello/thinking of you cards. I'm a bit lost, not knowing how many to make. Anybody ever worked a craft fair before that has some advice????


BethieJ said...

Mara those are sooo CUTE! I LOVE the mellow line (well I just LOVE BG.. but then you know that!!)
Happy creating and happy selling!
Have a GREAT night!!

Mel Place said...

mara those cards are too cute!!how about you making some halloween cards and christmas too they should sell really good

Regina said...

those are too cute!! good luck with the craft fair

Joni M said...

I love BG mellow... it gives me the warm cosy feeling of fall. I never did a craft faire before, and I hope you do well. Is it too early for Chrismas cards?

Fletch said...

Those cards are adorable!!