Saturday, September 6, 2008

Let the games begin...

First soccer games today! I am officially a crazy soccer mom. It was so much fun! I ran around the field with my camera and screamed my lungs out for my kids. I think Craig might have been a bit embarassed, but I'm only getting started!! Ha!!

Look at this game face on my daughter:

Could be her game face, could be her what-goal-do-I kick-the-ball-in face. Her team did really well considering none had ever played soccer. They are all still a little foggy on which goal to kick it to and 'stop when the ball goes out of bounds'. But I think she had fun!! The game went a bit long and she had a semi-meltdown at the end. But I think it will get easier.

And I NEVER had such cool hair ponytail holders when I played soccer!!

Kevin's game was awesome!!! They didn't win (technically, they don't keep score but the boys all know what the score is!) but they scored a few goals. When his team scored the first goal, Kevin went flying down the field and literally jumped on the guy in excitement. You would have thought it was the world cup!

He reluctantly played goalie in the 3rd quarter. He did not like being in the goal and being away from most of the action. In the 2nd quarter he had a big breakaway with the ball (he's playing left forward) and got a nice shot on goal. Didn't go in, but it was a nice moment for him. And check out that red face, just like his mom. My nickname when I played soccer was tomato, so his red cheeks don't surprise me!

They had lots of fun, I think I had more fun. Lots of games remain in the season, I can't wait for more!!


BethieJ said...

Mara LOVE the soccer photos! I wanna play on Kaylas team looky how CUTE they are.. we never had pony holders like that either! :) SO CUTE!! and the sign you did looks FANTASTIC!!! Great job soccer mom! :)
Hope your weekend was GREAT!

Zoa said...

I love those pink uniforms! If only soccer was that cool when I was little! Adorable!!

Regina said...

they are adorable in their soccer uniforms. I love your dd uniforms they are too cute

msmith434343 said...

Those curls and pink bows are just the cutes thing EVER! LOL!