Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mexican Egg Muffins

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Since I'm sure some of us have over-indulged in Halloween candy and treats over the past few days, I thought I would post a healthier recipe. Please, don't fall down from shock. I do try to eat healthy 80% of the time so I can indulge the other 20%. But lately it seems like those percentages have flip-flopped and i'm trying to fix that. I found this recipe on one of my favorite healthy living blogs, Beth's Journey. Beth has lost a ton of weight using Weight Watchers and exercise and has some great recipes on her blog. This is one of them.

I like eggs for breakfast but my typical-last-minute-freak-out-i'm-late-for-work routine in the morning doesn't always leave time for me to whip up some eggs. These egg muffins are easy to make the day before and they store well in the fridge. Just heat them up in the microwave, and you're set.

These are egg muffins with black beans, red peppers, a bit of cheese, salsa and onions (if you like that sort of thing).  They are great for breakfast or lunch. I took 2 to work, heated them up, threw them on a tortilla with some extra salsa and enjoyed them for lunch. With all the sweets i've been eating lately, a nice protein rich breakfast is what I need in the morning!

Please visit Beth's Journey for the recipe AND a great photo tutorial: Mexican Egg Muffins. Who knew that my cupcake pan could create something savory and delicious too!

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Rita Barakat said...

MMm looks yummy!

Michelle H. said...

I voted for you!!
Love your card!!
This recipe is amazing!!
I will have to try this!!
I have been looking for more quick & healthy breakfast idea's!!
Thanks so much for sharing!!

Sue said...

I love eggs! This sounds so good after candy overload! Like the portability too!

Joni M said...

I LOVE a grab and run lunch! Thanks for sharing this recipe, Mara!

Kristii said...

These look delicious!!! I'm going to have to give them a try!!!! thanks Mara!!!

Angi Barrs said...

Yummy...I'm always craving mexican food too. Now I can have some for breakfast. LOL Have a happy weekend. :)

Rebecca Keppel said...

they look fantastic and the idea of making them ahead of time would be perfect for our morning rush :)

Terri said...

These look yummy. I am going give them a try.

melody said...

oh..some more baking...YUMMY! thanks for sharing chickie!

Jamilie said...

I had voted for you last week!

OMG I made something similar last night!! BUT Marc didn't like the "spongy" feel of it.. and didn't care for it!! I put small ham pieces, brocolli and spinach in mine!